Senate Acts to Establish Sweeping New Energy Framework to Meet PA’s Power Needs

HARRISBURG – Acting to establish a sweeping, new energy framework for Pennsylvania, the Senate approved legislation today creating the Independent Energy Office (IEO) and Pennsylvania’s Opportunity With Energy Reliability (POWER) Board, said Sen. Camera Bartolotta (R-46).

Under Senate Bill 832, the IEO will provide data-driven analysis and ensure lawmakers have the reliable information necessary to review and implement current energy strategies as well as be on the forefront of new innovative technologies.

The POWER Board will be a public clearinghouse for energy development in Pennsylvania and allow residents to see public accountability on decisions that impact energy prices in Pennsylvania.

“Given the demand for energy we have in the commonwealth, we have to be strategic about how we meet the needs of Pennsylvanians. We cannot afford to abandon energy strategies that give us peace of mind and benefit our economy through family-sustaining jobs,” Bartolotta said. “This board will provide the nonbiased information legislators need to make the best decisions and the public needs to be aware of what drives their bills.”

Pennsylvania’s electricity exports are the largest in the region and a massive economic engine. Capitalizing on this status will create greater energy independence and good-paying jobs.

The federal government has passed legislation to provide funding for states to grow solar, wind, hydro and nuclear capacities. Pennsylvania must apply for these funds and provide a framework to distribute funding throughout the state. The General Assembly has not yet established this framework and statutory authority is needed.

Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee hearings established that Pennsylvania’s destabilized power grid will not be able to meet the commonwealth’s energy needs in the near future. There must be an all-of-the-above strategy that recognizes the only way the grid maintains itself is by having all available energy sources complement each other.

Senate Republicans will continue to stand in support of an affordable and diverse energy portfolio to benefit Pennsylvania consumers and will remain strong advocates for the hardworking men and women across our commonwealth who rely on maximum wage, family-sustaining jobs throughout the energy sector.

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