Bartolotta Bill Clarifying CDL Requirements for Farmers Passes Senate

HARRISBURG – The Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 725, legislation sponsored by Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46), allowing farmers to use a Class A, B or C driver’s license when operating farm vehicles with a combined weight of more than 26,000 pounds on roadways. This legislation complies with the current federal regulation, 49 CFR § 383.3 (d), which allows a state to exempt operators of a farm vehicle from a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

A Class A driver’s license is a graduated license above the common Class C license and requires an additional road test and fee. Act 170 of 2014 clarified that farmers did not need a CDL when operating farm trucks, or farm trucks hauling trailers, with a combined weight of more than 26,000 pounds. However, it was unclear as to whether a farmer could use a Class C or Class A driver’s license when operating those vehicles.

Even though Act 170 was supposed to reduce burdens on farmers, the Pennsylvania State Police is requiring farmers to have a non-commercial Class A driver’s license with weights that exceed 26,000 pounds.

“This is a real issue impacting farmers. At a time when we are experiencing supply chain issues with several products – including food – the last thing we should be doing is making it more challenging for our hard-working farmers,” Senator Bartolotta said. “I look forward to my bill moving quickly through the House of Representatives and advancing to the governor’s desk for enactment.”

The bill now moves to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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