Bartolotta Introduces Two Bills to Expand Economic Opportunities for Veterans

HARRISBURG – Two bills introduced by Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46) today would help create new business and job opportunities for military veterans.

Under current law, veterans who return to civilian life can face difficulty in finding employment in their chosen field due to licensure and certification requirements for certain careers. Senate Bill 1040 would require state agencies to provide appropriate credit for military service toward licensure and certification requirements.

In current practice, credit is not given for the training and experience gained during military service.

“Our men and women in the military must meet extremely high standards in performing their duties, and the knowledge and experience they gain often translates extremely well to the workforce,” Bartolotta said. “It makes sense for the state to recognize their contributions and provide appropriate credit for their education and experience as they transition to civilian life.”

Bartolotta also introduced Senate Bill 1041, legislation that directs the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to create special logos to promote veteran-owned and disabled veteran-owned businesses. The legislation would serve as a valuable marketing tool to support the entrepreneurial efforts of veterans throughout Pennsylvania, Bartolotta said.

“Many military veterans have the drive, discipline and leadership to be successful business owners, and Pennsylvania should support the veterans who take the leap into owning their own business,” Bartolotta said. “Developing a special logo to draw attention to their service to our country is one way that we can support their dream.”

The proposal mirrors a successful program that was implemented in Wisconsin.


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