House Approves Transportation Network Company Bill

HARRISBURG – The House of Representatives approved legislation today sponsored by Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46) to authorize transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft to operate statewide.

Senate Bill 984 would establish a regulatory framework for the operation of transportation network companies in every county in Pennsylvania. Companies are operating in most counties throughout the state under a two-year temporary authority granted by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), but that authority expires early next year.

“Transportation network companies have helped fill transportation needs for thousands of consumers while also providing new income and job flexibility for drivers. It is critical to ensure these companies can continue to operate safely and legally,” Bartolotta said. “I appreciate that my colleagues in the House of Representatives have advanced this important issue today, and I look forward to reviewing the changes made by the House so we can get this bill to the Governor.”

Bartolotta’s legislation would set minimum standards to ensure transportation network companies operate safely and responsibly, including requirements for companies and drivers to maintain proper insurance coverage, meet safety requirements, maintain complete records and report accidents in a timely manner. Criminal background checks are also required for drivers.

In addition, the bill would implement a zero tolerance policy on the use of drugs or alcohol for a driver using the digital network and prevents individuals convicted of certain crimes, including burglary, robbery and sexual offenses, from offering rideshare services.

The Senate approved Senate Bill 984 last year. The bill now returns to the Senate for consideration of amendments approved by the House.

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