PENNVEST Loan to Finance Sewer System Upgrades in Cross Creek, Independence Townships

HARRISBURG — A $5.6 million loan from PENNVEST will lead to critical improvements to sewer systems in Cross Creek Township and Independence Township in Washington County, according to Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46).

The project will help the Independence-Cross Creek Joint Sewer Authority eliminate on-lot disposal malfunctions and prevent illegal discharges of raw sewage that could pose a threat to public health.

“Many communities in the area have experienced malfunction rates of more than 50 percent,” Bartolotta said. “I am thankful that this funding will help improve not only the health of our local infrastructure, but also the wellbeing of local residents.”

The sewer improvement project will consist of installing approximately 37,000 feet of low-pressure connection main, 1,100 feet of gravity sewer, 129 individual grinder pumps, a 65-gallons-per-minute pump station and related equipment.

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