Bartolotta Responds to Governor Wolf’s Visit to Washington County

HARRISBURG – Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46) released the following statement today in reaction to Governor Wolf’s visit to Washington County.

“Governor Wolf continues to travel around the state pressing for his agenda, but fails to mention the thousands of local jobs that would be lost due to his proposed severance tax, or the millions of dollars local families would pay in new income taxes under his proposed budget. His visit to Washington County today presented a tremendous opportunity for him to actually start learning about the realities facing our region, instead of simply telling us about his plan to send more of our hard-earned money to Harrisburg.

“Most disturbingly, the Governor neglects to acknowledge the number of vulnerable children and families who are suffering right now because he refuses to release state funding. We don’t need more of the same rhetoric, platitudes and empty promises; we need an answer for the negative impacts that his policies would create.

“The next time Governor Wolf wants to visit the 46th Senatorial District, I encourage him to contact me ahead of time so I can arrange for him to meet community residents who will be affected by the plans he is trying to implement. If he spent his time here listening to workers in the natural gas industry whose jobs are at risk, parents of children in low-income homes who risk missing out on free and reduced-cost meals at school, and school officials who are struggling to finance thousands of dollars in borrowing costs necessitated by his manufactured crisis, then perhaps he could recognize the destructive impact of his actions over the past several months and chart a more responsible course forward.

“Governor Wolf will always be welcome to visit our amazing communities, meet the incredible people who make up the 46th Senatorial District and engage in an honest, constructive conversation regarding how state government can better meet the needs of our region. However, if we are going to be used as nothing more than a scenic backdrop and a sounding board to promote an agenda that hurts families in our area, we would be better served if he stayed in Harrisburg and stopped wasting our time and the public’s money.”

CONTACT: Colleen Greer (717) 787-1463