Bartolotta: Resources Available to Answer Unemployment Claimants’ Year-End Tax Questions

HARRISBURG – Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46) is encouraging Pennsylvanians to take advantage of new informational resources offered by the Pennsylvania Treasury to answer year-end tax questions for unemployment claimants.

Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity’s office recently created a new Frequently Asked Questions page regarding 1099G forms that are distributed to Unemployment Compensation (UC) and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) claimants.

The page includes information on what claimants should do if they have not received their 1099G, how to dispute the amount reported on a 1099G form, and what Pennsylvanians should do if they receive a 1099G because they were a victim or fraud or identity theft, among other topics.

Information is also available on how state residents can report identity theft and fraud related to unemployment benefits, as well as how Treasury can provide evidence that fraud has taken place so victims of these crimes can resolve the issue.

“My offices have received calls from local residents who found out they were a victim of unemployment fraud only because they received a 1099G form from the Department of Labor and Industry,” said Bartolotta, who serves as Chair of the Senate Labor and Industry Committee. “It is important for them to take the proper steps to report these crimes, not only so the authorities can catch the perpetrators, but also so the victims of these crimes are not left to pay taxes on the money that was stolen.”

The Department of Labor and Industry also has its own FAQ page that covers questions about how to obtain forms, report fraudulent activity and more.

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