Bartolotta Responds to Wolf Administration’s Failure to Protect Child Sex Abuse Victims

HARRISBURG – Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46) issued the following statement today regarding the Department of State’s failure to advertise, as required by Pennsylvania law, a proposed amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution that would have temporary lifted the statute of limitations for civil claims of child sex abuse.  

“As a victim of sexual abuse from a family member when I was six years old, I am completely disgusted by the ineptitude of the Wolf Administration and the Secretary of State and their inability to protect child sex abuse victims. The people who suffered these unspeakable crimes deserve better and this is just another example of the Wolf Administration failing the citizens of Pennsylvania. 

“The deplorable lack of leadership and inability to fulfill even the most menial of tasks has led to crushing disappointment for those victims of childhood sexual abuse who have been waiting and advocating for years for a moment that should have occurred this spring in the Primary. Now, because of what can only be descried as complete incompetence of the Secretary of State and the Wolf Administration, these victims will have to wait even longer. 

“Last year, I joined my colleagues in calling for Boockvar’s removal from office – something Governor Wolf completely ignored. This most recent fiasco demonstrates to the world what we have known in Pennsylvania for some time: Secretary Boockvar and Governor Wolf himself are unable to provide the most basic of services to citizens of this state. 

“If we actually had a qualified and capable Secretary of State, then it is possible these victims would not be denied the justice they deserve today.

“In spite of how badly the Wolf Administration botched this process, I plan to join my colleagues in the General Assembly to right this wrong and have this amendment placed before voters as quickly as possible which, unfortunately, will now not be until 2023 at the earliest.”

CONTACT: Colleen Greer (717) 787-1463