Bartolotta Introduces Proposal to Waive Photo ID Fees for Vulnerable Pennsylvanians

HARRISBURG – Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46) introduced a bill this week that would waive photo identification fees for many vulnerable Pennsylvanians to help them find employment and access other critical resources.

Bartolotta’s bill would waive the initial fee or one renewal fee for anyone who presents documentation that they receive certain public benefits or who affirms in writing that they are homeless. The bill would help thousands of Pennsylvanians who live on fixed or limited incomes or are attempting to reenter society due to homelessness, addiction or metal heath recovery.

“Pennsylvania has one of the highest photo ID fees in the country. The cost presents a real burden for people who are struggling to find work or searching for a place to live,” Bartolotta said. “Identification is essential for most jobs, accessing public benefits or applying for an apartment. Removing this barrier to employment and housing will help vulnerable people take the first steps toward financial security and independence.”

Bartolotta said that 34 other states and the District of Columbia offer either fee waivers or reduced fees for a photo ID. 

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