Local Counties, Municipalities Receive More Than $15 Million in Impact Fee Funding

HARRISBURG – The impact fee on unconventional natural gas wells in 2018 will deliver more than $15.1 million in funding to communities in Beaver, Greene and Washington counties, according to Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46).

Impact fees are levied in addition to regular business taxes paid by every corporation in Pennsylvania. The disbursements were based on a formula established in Act 13 of 2012 to ensure communities that are affected by drilling receive their fair share of funding for projects like road and bridge repairs, housing and other infrastructure needs.

The statewide total of $252 million collected in impact fee revenues this year is more than the drilling tax collected by the states of West Virginia, Ohio, Arkansas and Colorado combined. Since 2011, the impact fee has generated nearly $1.7 billion in tax revenue on top of the other corporate taxes that every business pays in Pennsylvania.

Officials in Greene County say that the revenue will help maintain local police, support volunteer fire departments, finance road repairs and slide repairs and support improved broadband and cell phone service improvements, among other projects.

“The natural gas industry plays a critical role in supporting our local economy, and this funding is further evidence of that,” Bartolotta said. “These fees not only fund statewide environmental initiatives, but also projects here in the communities that host drilling activities. It is another reminder of why we need to support the industry and not weigh it down with even more taxes and regulations.”

A complete list of disbursements to counties and municipalities is available on the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s website at www.puc.state.pa.us.

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