Bill to Broaden Access to Epinephrine Heads to House

HARRISBURG – A bill that would allow restaurants, sports venues, amusement parks, colleges, daycare centers and other entities to store non-patient specific epinephrine injectors for emergency use was approved by the Senate today, according to Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46).

House Bill 126 – which mirrored legislation Bartolotta introduced last year – would broaden the number of entities that could store non-patient specific epinephrine injectors. Under current law, only schools are allowed to store injectors without a patient-specific prescription.

“Food allergies can lead to life-threatening reactions, and access to medication can often mean the difference between life and death,” Bartolotta said. “Given the number of Pennsylvanians who suffer from severe food allergies, this legislation has the potential to save hundreds of lives every year.”

The legislation does not require any entities to have the product on the premises; it would only permit them to have it on-hand for emergency situations. Venues that choose to maintain injectors would be required to follow protocols, including training of employees who would administer the medication.

House Bill 126 was sent back to the House of Representatives for consideration.

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